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This traditional recipe is a good way to use up some of those St. Patrick's Day cabbages!  It can be served for breakfast, or as a side dish at lunch or supper.


1/2 cup leftover mashed potatoes per person

1/2 cup leftover cooked cabbage (or brussel sprouts) per person

salt and pepper

bacon fat or cooking oil

Chop cabbage and mix well with mashed potatoes

Season with salt and pepper, and nutmeg (optional)

Heat bacon fat (for taste) or cooking oil (for a healthier version) in a frying pan.

Add the cabbage and potato mixture to the hot pan, and fry for several minutes until brown on the bottom.

Invert the bubble and squeak onto a plate, and warm some more fat/oil in the pan.

Slide the bubble and squeak back into the pan to brown and crisp on the other side.

The name "Bubble and Squeak" comes from the sounds the ingredients make while cooking.  When I made it, I did not have that experience - I must have bought quiet cabbage!

Some versions of this recipe add a meat ingredient, such as corned beef, to make a one-pan meal. 

In Ireland, Colcannon is made from mashed potatoes, cabbage and onion, and is very similar to bubble and squeak, as is Rumbledethumps in Scotland (which also includes swede.)

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