DBE in Louisiana

In March 2019, ELIZABETHAN chapter - the first chapter in Louisiana - celebrated 60 years of fellowship.  Congrats, Elizabethans!

In September 2016, CHAUCER chapter celebrated their 40th anniversary.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS chapter, based in the Baton Rouge area, received its charter in January 2013. Welcome!

In 2008, SAMUEL PLIMSOLL chapter celebrated 25 years of fun and fellowship.  Well done, Plimsoll.

PETTICOAT LANE chapter is based in the Lafayette/New Iberia area.  This Acadiana chapter received its charter in 2007.

TWELFTH NIGHT chapter, located on the Northshore, was chartered in 2002.

DBE members in Louisiana have worked hard throughout the past five decades - first for the Southern District Home, Bramfilles House in Florida, and then later for the newer Home, Mountbatten House, in Highlands, Texas.

During the mid-1980s, Louisiana was honored to host the 22nd National Administration of the DBE, under the inspired leadership of National President, Wendy Roberts, MBE.

DBE in Louisiana currently has five chapters . . .

CHAUCER (Westbank) - meets in the evening, on the second Wednesday.

ELIZABETHAN - meets in the daytime, usually on the third Thursday.

SAMUEL PLIMSOLL - meets usually on a Monday evening.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS (Baton Rouge area) - meets in the afternoon, on the third Sunday.

TWELFTH NIGHT (Northshore) - meets in the afternoon, on the second Tuesday.